History of Fitzsimmons Metal Company, Inc.

In 1977, Fitzsimmons Metal Company was but a dream awaiting fruition and realization.  With a determination, the business was started and soon the two buildings alongside Rt. 8 in Glenshaw were opened for business.  In the next thirty-seven years, this business has become a fixture in the Glenshaw community.  Trucks can be seen bearing the name of the company throughout the tri-state area.
Fitzsimmons Metal specializes in an “A – to – Z” purchasing of scrap metal with the items running the gamut from aluminum to zinc.
The overall statement of purpose is that this company is here to serve the unique needs of its customers. It is intent on maintaining a level of excellence and ethical consideration when engaging in the purchasing of all materials. For those interested, this company encourages the asking of questions or the viewing of its operations. 
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We are located at:

1654 Butler Plank Road

Glenshaw, PA 15116

Phone:  412-486-8587