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Modern scrap metal dealing and disposal barely resembles that old standby, the haphazard scrap heap.  Today's concern for environmental and resource preservation mandates safe handling and recycling.  To serve both our clients and our planet, we at Fitzsimmons Metal have joined the art of customer service to the science of recycling.  Our attention to your needs and our commitment to conscientious practices has made us a respected industry leader in the Tri-State area.

We believe that comprehensive attention to client requirements, resiliency in an ever-changing world and consistently-updated technology give us the edge when it comes to providing you with by-product service.

Fitzsimmons Scrap Metal recycling is both science and art.  Scrap metal is the unwanted byproduct of your business, but for Fitzsimmons Metal Company, Inc., buying and recycling scrap metal is our business.  We have served countless clients like you for over three decades by purchasing their discarded metals at market prices.  Because we handle the burden of collection, removal and recycling, your company is free to do what it does best - operate efficiently for a profit.


We are located at:

1654 Butler Plank Road

Glenshaw, PA 15116

Phone:  412-486-8587